The Journey Begins Here ...

Hai. My name is Mohd Hariri, everybody calls me 'Ayie'. I'm a family man, a husband and father of three boys.

I was born in Kelantan, awesome state in Malaysia located in East Coast of the peninsular. I use to live in Selangor, Negeri Sembilan and Penang, but now I am back to my hometown.

I do not have 9-5 job for now, and I do not plan to go for it in the future. In the past I was a call center-operator, technical support, technical analyst, security analyst, linux support specialist and finally a car park attendant.

I'm interested in aerial photography, electronics and gadgets, anything futuristic will catch my eyes. Like an average man, I also like cars and bikes. I love making money on-line and exploring the possibilities.

My dream is to travel the globe, to witness the beauty of the nature. I wish to do videos while at it so I can share it with my viewers.

Thank you on taking your precious time to browse around this website. Please follow my twitter and my You Tube channel to get more up-to date contents.