Tuesday, March 7, 2017

ONLY DJI and MobiCow

About time for me to update my ads, I'm no longer serving ads other then DJI and MobiCow.


Why DJI? i love drones and other DJI products. I wish I can come out with a reviews of their excellent products but there was plenty out there. Search "DJI" in YouTube and you can find DJI of products review.

Check out their latest drone, DJI Mavic Pro. Awesome !!

And why MobiCow? They are the one paying and not complaining like a bitch so far. I love paying advertisers. Aside of mayhem happen before with Lynk.my and others, MobiCow decide to go ahead and pay me with no 'bebel-bebel' because they know I gave them legit traffic.

Apart of this two awesome advertiser, I'm testing out AdNow in my news site. I will update you guys about it.

What is your favorite advertiser for your website? Do share them in the comment section below.


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