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Bermuda Triangle
Bermuda Triangle

Perhaps the most famous or infamous of all the world's mysterious places is the BERMUDA TRIANGLE. For decades this stretch of ocean covering over 500000 square miles located between Miami Porte Rico and Bermuda has baffled scientists experienced sailors and even military investigators.

Planes disappearing, various kind of strange lights being seen. A whole bunch of weirdness. All conglomerating to this tight corner of Atlantic.

Ship shown up absolutely empty, no sign of any struggle yet the crew was just vanished. This is something very real, existing records.

bermuda triangle ship sunk
Bermuda Triangle - Ship sunk

Now that they're all gone, in fair weather. That is not supernatural phenomenon to me that is something unexplained. What because ships and planes to disappear without a trace.

Why is aeronautical and navigational equipment stopped working or change course by itself. Historical shipping records show that the mysteries of the Bermuda triangle are much older than many people realize.

Ever since the earliest days of oceanic exploration, sailors have witnessed during sites. Really the awareness of the Bermuda triangle started with Christopher Columbus being such a Passer Terrick navigator in a well respected sailor, his log traversing to the New World is very accurate.

Christopher Columbus
Christopher Columbus

It turns out just as Columbus got into the area known as the Bermuda Triangle, he recorded having compass malfunctions. The following night he saw a large fireball hit the ocean, He saw strange lives, he saw strange weather phenomena happening there.

So it's definitely a case that the story of the Bermuda triangle is not just some modern awesome urban myth at the threshold of the 20 first century. It is as old as there are accounts of people going into that area.

About 450 years after Columbus. On December 5th 1945, the US Military experienced the Bermuda triangles most mind blowing mystery.

At 2:00 in the afternoon, 5 US Navy Torpedo Bombers flew from the naval base in Fort Lauderdale Florida on a routine training exercise. But not long into the two hour mission, all 5 planes were suddenly gone.

Missing US Marines

The mystery was compounded when US Navy sent out a rescue plane and it too disappear. 6 planes, all flown by skilled pilots had vanished into oblivion.

That's struck everybody as very odd, this was now the modern era we have. Radar, radio and still 5 aircraft vanished.

Now the question is where have all of them gone? It really is as if they have been snaps out of our reality into something else and of course what that something else is that's the mystery of Bermuda Triangle.


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