Friday, January 6, 2017

Photo Dimension for Facebook Publishing

Me myself spent humongous amount of time on facebook, not because I am a social addict ( *or I am ) just because I'm doing heavy publishing in it. Most of the time I'm publishing videos and fair amount of time on doing pictures pictures and very rare for status update.

But it occurs to me that when I'm doing publishing I sometime stumble upon few errors where my layout of pictures is not resulting the way I want it to be. Which will affect my likes and share ratio, viewers tend to find it uninteresting stuff to click.

So since I'm doing it very seriously (* and fulltime ) might as well I learn doing it the correct way and the proper way. Start with the correct picture size.

Asking Google pointing me to this direction where the information is outstanding accurate and much informative, but if you are me you most probably looking for a quick reference instead of knowing why and when facebook make changes for thier picture layout. None of it matters.

Detail addict? Sure, feel free to read more detail on

Cool information and have a nice day.


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