Sunday, January 15, 2017

Introducing Size UP. Your YouTube Thumbnail Resize Utility for Facebook Shares


It's a good day for me to finally launch my latest web application. I named it 'Size UP'.

Size UP main objective is to make the YouTube thumbnail saiz larger (* similar to Facebook video size ).

Currently small thumbnail dominates the facebook if you decide to share those favorite YouTube  videos to friends. Resulting less engagement and less interactive.

Why less? The small thumbnaik generated by Facebook is not appealing enough, thus making the share NOT click friendly.

Whats Size UP will do is resizing the thumbnail to video size and look alike facebook video.

On desktop enviroment the video will load YouTube embed player and plays the video.

Mobile user in other hand will be redirect to YouTube mobile site which is good because under the video it will promote more related video (*this is useful for those who have YouTube Channel)



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